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Frequently Asked Questions - Auto Insurance
Am I covered if I drive someone else's vehicle?
Your insurance coverage goes with the car. So, if you are responsible for an accident while driving someone else's car, the owner of the vehicle your driving, insurance would apply toward damages first. Your auto insurance would take over in the event the owner of the vehicle had no auto insurance or did not have enough auto insurance to pay the damages.

Why do auto insurance premiums change so much?
Auto insurance premiums can change for many factors, but ultimately the biggest factor is how much your insurance company is paying on the claims of their insureds. This is the primary function of an insurance company, but if the insurance company pays more in claims than usual, they may need to compensate by increasing premiums to balance out their financial health. This is a very normal practice for any type of business.

Understand though that insurance companies can't directly control the costs of claims. So when weather is destructive such as wind and hail, it is the costs associated by these claims that may raise your premiums. As the cost of claims change for the good or bad, auto premiums must be adjusted as well. These costs can affect your auto insurance premium whether or not you individually have had an accident or claim.

There are other factors that you as an individual can do to affect your premium, such as increasing your deductible, the vehicle you drive, location, and/or how you use your vehicle. Talk to your local agent to learn more about this.

How does Farm Bureau® Insurance control auto insurance costs?
We have a network of trustworthy auto repair shops, with a good history of quality work and customer service.
Our employees are expertly trained to look for fraud.
We support organizations that promote good auto safety and education.
We offer annual policies to reduce and stabilize your premiums.

What deductible should I choose?
If you choose a higher deductible you will save on your premium. However, you will be responsible for more costs if you have an accident. Depending on your financial situation, you should discuss this option with your family and your local Farm Bureau® Insurance agent.

How does the vehicle you drive affect your premium?
Every vehicle has an insurance rating based on the features and safety they offer. Insurance is all about assessing risk, and some car's have less risk than others. Every vehicle type has a history of being stolen or costs associated to repair it. These numbers affect how an insurance company will rate the vehicle and determine insurability. Vehicles with more risk will have a higher insurance rate than those with less risk. If your looking to buy a new vehicle or switch insurance companies, talk with your local Farm Bureau® Insurance agent about which cars have what risk.

Why is auto insurance important?

For starters, auto insurance is important because its required by the state of Colorado to drive and operate a vehicle. Also, having the proper coverage can separate you from from any serious financial loss in the event you are at fault in an accident. Auto Insurance also aids you in the costs for any damage to your vehicle in which you were not at fault, such as a hit-and-run, or uninsured/underinsured motorist. Auto Insurance is a valuable asset to your financial well-being, and it is for this reason that Colorado requires it for all their licensed drivers.

What if I hit a deer or large animal?

A basic liability insurance policy will not cover an insured that collides with a deer or other animal. Having Collision Coverage on your policy will pay for the physical damage caused to the vehicle. However, it does not cover any bodily injuries to the insured.

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