Why Being A Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance Agent Should Be Your Next Career Move

Serve Your Community and Earn Money At the Same Time

Joining Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance as an insurance agent is a productive way to earn money and serve your neighbors, whether you’re a first time worker or beginning your second career.

The Benefits of Being an Insurance Agent

At Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance, you’ll have the benefit of working for a top-rated company with state and national brand recognition, coupled with the flexibility of designing your own schedule. And with commission-based compensation, there’s no limit to how much you can earn. But selling insurance is about making connections, and that’s the true draw. Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance has been safeguarding the interests of Coloradans since 1950. We’re a safe, steady presence for our fellow community members during some of their most challenging experiences.

Insurance is more a calling than a sales job, and a good agent is relationship-oriented. Your clients aren’t just policies—they’re your child’s pediatrician, your local baker, your mail carrier, the farmer who provides your locally-sourced honey. They’re real people in your community, and they are trusting you with their livelihoods and their assets.

Life as an Insurance Agent

Being an agent can be a bit like being a first responder. Often you’re one of the first people your client calls from a traumatic scene, whether it’s a car accident or a house fire. Part of your job is to talk your client “off the ledge.” Remind them to go someplace safe. Remind them that you’ve got them covered—that Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance will help make things okay.

Life is never boring as an insurance agent. You’ll wear many hats, and your day-to-day duties are constantly changing. At Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance, we are more than auto and home insurance. We also provide life insurance, farm insurance, renters insurance; coverage for snowmobiles, boats and motorcycles; and business and commercial coverage.

Strategizing and piecing together the best policies to serve your client’s exact needs is a bit like completing a puzzle. Because we offer so many different types of coverage, we can be a one stop shop. If you have your client’s trust, they are likely to rely on you to help them meet all of their insurance needs and to recommend you to others. Many of our agents earn over $50,000 in their first year. (Plus, we offer performance and signing bonuses.)

What Makes a Great Insurance Agent

Some of our agents come from family backgrounds in insurance, but many of them come from other careers—in teaching, pharmaceutical sales, vehicle sales, etc. An entrepreneurial spirit and customer service bent are more important than your work history. If you’re confident, coachable and organized, with good communication skills, you’ll probably make a good agent.

Insurance is more of a calling than a sales job, and a good agent is relationship-oriented.

Like many industries, insurance is becoming increasingly automated, but that doesn’t have to be a problem for agents. Online “quote calculators” can be impersonal and generic. They actually allow you and the service you provide to really shine. Potential clients may do a cursory search online, but many people still feel much more comfortable letting a live agent, rather than an algorithm, talk them through their insurance-buying decision. Insurance is a very personal, tailored service, and people want to deal with a human they trust.

How to Become a Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance Agent

If you want to be that trustworthy human—and we think there are a lot of reasons you should!— fill out an application online.

Click here to fill out an online application.

If you seem like a good fit, we’ll schedule you for an interview with a Regional Sales Manager. From there, it’s a matter of licensing and training—and we’ll help you through those steps. Then you’re on your way to developing community ties, growing professionally and contributing to your neighborhood in a positive and reliable way.