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Privacy Policy

Customer Account Information Privacy 

Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance Company, Southern Farm Bureau Casualty Insurance Company [hereinafter referred to as “the Companies”] recognize our customer’s expectation of data security and our responsibility to fulfill this expectation. Therefore, we want our customers to understand our data security policies and practices; and we want to provide as much information as necessary to assist in this understanding. The Companies consider customer data security to be one of our highest priorities. We take seriously our commitment to ensure that the identity of our customers and their account information is safeguarded. We maintain appropriate security standards and procedures regarding unauthorized access to customer information.

We have made substantial investments to secure customer data from Internet theft, disclosure, or intrusion. In addition to firewall technology, we have installed highly sophisticated Internet intrusion detection tools. All personal information contained in the My Account portion of this website is securely transmitted using strong 128-bit SSL encryption. This is considered the highest level of security available for today’s web browsers.

If you should have any questions about how we protect your privacy or would simply like more information, please do not hesitate to email us at: