How to Use Colorado Farm Bureau’s MOBILE agent App

Technology that Makes Insurance Easier than Ever

Ever been pulled over for speeding, only to discover that the auto insurance card you thought was in your glove compartment has disappeared? Suddenly an already stressful situation is twice as uncomfortable! The cop is waiting, you’re fumbling, and everything feels icky.

The Benefits of MOBILE agent

But if you download Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance’s MOBILE agent app, you won’t have to keep up with hard-copy cards, because you’ll always have your ID card at your fingertips. MOBILE agent gives you all of your insurance information, all of the time. Maybe you want to check a claim status while you’re waiting to see a doctor. Maybe you need to request roadside assistance but want to keep your phone line open. Whatever insurance-related service you need, open MOBILE agent on your smartphone, and you’re a few touches away from help.

Set Up Your Account

The first step is to set up an online account. Download the free MOBILE agent app and log in using your password.

All of your service options are located on the app’s home screen. With a single touch, you can:

  • Access your policies
  • Find the nearest Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance office
  • View your insurance card
  • Contact your agent
  • Report a claim
  • Request roadside assistance

What’s In the MOBILE agent App

MOBILE agent’s “What’s Wrong” screen

Did you lock yourself out of your car or run out of gas? On the “What’s Wrong” screen, you can click a button to let us know what kind of roadside assistance you need—a jump, a tow, more fuel or help changing a tire. Or if you simply need help right now, touch the “Send Help” button.

MOBILE agent Home Screen

Under the “My Policies” button, you’ll find details on every insurance policy you have with Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance.

MOBILE agent’s “ID Cards” screen

Want to know when your policy expires or see your ID card on a particular vehicle? Choose the car in question from a drop-down list of each vehicle you’ve insured with us. The days when you had to leave a message and wait on a return phone call are over. Now, you can find the answer to almost any question via the MOBILE agent app.

MOBILE agent’s “My Agent” screen

And in those instances when you do wish to speak to your agent right away, there’s no need to search for a phone number. Simply scroll to the My Agent screen and click the “Call Now” button.

MOBILE agent is easy to use, and it will make your life easier. It’s like having your insurance agent in your pocket at all times!

For answers to questions about MOBILE agent or to speak with someone who can answer your questions about Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance’s products and services, please find your local agent.