10 Places to Buy Locally Sourced Sheep and Wool in Colorado

Buy Homegrown Sheep and Wool Products

Colorado farmers raise more sheep than all but two other US states. Colorado-bred sheep are some of the finest in the world–both in terms of quality of wool and in tenderness and flavor of meat. (Colorado lamb is an important export, has earned praise from chefs at Michelin-starred restaurants, and can be found in upscale grocery chains, such as Whole Foods.)

In recent years, sheep products have enjoyed worldwide high prices, and for good reason. Wool isn’t just for winter sweaters anymore. This incredible fabric is popular for its odor and flame-resistant properties. These days it’s in everything from athletic wear to underwear.

But if you’re a local Coloradan and want to source your lamb and wool directly from a farm, where would you start? There aren’t many online resources to help, which is why we’ve put together this guide. Here is a list of some of the Centennial State’s sheep farms that sell wool, lamb, and live sheep directly to community members.

Colorado Sheep and Wool Buying Guide

  1. Arriola Sunshine Farm, near Durango, sells Navajo-Churro meat, pelts, breeding ewes, and wool. Navajo-Churro sheep have long wool that may vary in coloring and texture.
  2. Fire Mountain Fiber is a farm located in Hotchkiss that raises Icelandic sheep alongside alpacas and angora and cashmere goats. The farm sells raw fiber, felted fiber, sheepskins, and various yarns.
  3. Dyers Wool, in Hesperus, sells Navajo-Churro and Shetland wool from two Colorado farms—the Dyers Wool Farm and the Corner Notch Farm.
  4. Southwest Farm to Yarn in is a collective of over 30 sheep and alpaca growers, who sell their locally-sourced yarn at their store in Cortez.
  5. Windkist Ranch sells pastured lamb directly from the farm in Hartsel.
  6. Ewe Bet Ranch in Loveland sells wool, sheepskins, and pasture-raised meat.
  7. Desert Weyr, in Paonia, sells sheep, mutton, and naturally dark wool from Black Welsh Mountain Sheep.
  8. Sacred Song Farm sells grass-fed Navajo-Churro packages, as whole-animal, half-animal, or monthly CSA shares. Meat shares are delivered to Durango, Dolores, Mancos, and Cortez.
  9. Parker Pastures in Gunnison sells grass-fed lamb and beef, including raw lamb pet food.
  10. Long Shadow Farm in Berthoud sells meat by appointment, with mutton available beginning in March.

Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance helps protect farms that produce local wool and meat with farm and ranch insurance policies. If you need affordable insurance for your business, please contact one of our local agents for fast, friendly service.