Ten Colorado Haunted Houses to Visit This October

Looking for a frightful fall? Colorado has dozens of haunted attractions, and they’re particularly popular in the Denver area. There are so many haunts to choose from, it’s hard to know which ones are worth your time and money. We’ve made a list of ten terrifying Colorado haunted houses to help narrow things down.

Frightmare Compound – Westminister, CO

The oldest haunted house in the Denver area is said to be genuinely haunted by its founder, Brad Holder, who died after a lengthy illness. Frightmare is 35 years strong and still adding new attractions. Stumble around in total darkness or come face-to-face with killer clowns. You never know what you’ll get here.

Dark Side of the Abbey Haunt – Canon City, CO

Try it—if wandering an abandoned monastery sounds like your idea of fun. Two different haunted areas include the extreme upstairs and (slightly) tamer basement.

The Asylum – Denver, CO

The Asylum has three attractions: the zombie-plagued City of the Dead, the Asylum, full of delusional patients on the prowl, and the Carnival of Carnage, featuring flesh-eating clowns.

Thirteenth Floor – Denver, CO

Want detailed sets, acrobatics and dedicated actors? Thirteenth Floor is one of the most terrifying haunts in Denver, and it has stunning production value.

Hellscream – Colorado Springs, CO

Hellscream really brings the special effects. Want to be locked in a bloody penitentiary (Escape Room-style) or take a horrifying tour through a haunted mine? Your choice.

Hell’s Trail – Pueblo, CO

Into hiking? Hell’s Trail is the creepiest mile-long hike you’ll ever take. Beware of who—or what—lurks in the woods!

Nightmare City Haunted House – Greely, CO

Nightmare City was created by a long-time employee of multiple Denver haunts, and it’s aim is to make all things cozy decidedly less-so. Think your teddy bear is cuddly and your bed is safe? Think again…

Terror in the Corn – Erie, CO

Terror in the Corn has one of the best back stories of any haunt (unassuming twin children doing macabre things to transient coal miners in their booming, 1875 western town). It incorporates a corn maze, a haunted ghost-town, and a zombie paintball hunt. Choose your own adventure!

World’s Scariest Haunted House – Littleton, CO

The World’s Scariest Haunted House is an action-packed freak-out-athon, where you’re always jumping—because something is always jumping at you!

Scream Acres – LaSalle, CO

Scream Acres has perhaps the scariest corn maze in the state, coupled with a zombie apocalypse paintball adventure. What could go wrong?

Lack of Coverage = Spooky

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