Colorado Farm Bureau Federation Celebrates 100 Years

This month Colorado Farm Bureau Federation celebrates its 100th anniversary. Colorado Farm Bureau was founded in 1919 by a group of farmers, ranchers, veterinarians, rural doctors, shopkeepers and tradesmen. For 100 years, their mission has been to protect the Colorado Way of Life for future generations.

This is achieved through a variety of leadership and educational programs and advocacy.

Colorado Farm Bureau Federation is an affiliate of American Farm Bureau, which also turns 100 this month. AFB is a major champion of farmers on the national stage. Their advocacy has helped build stable agricultural infrastructure and markets, leveraging the collective strength of thousands of farmers. This grassroots push for policy serves the interests of many agricultural professionals.

Thanks to AFB’s century of lobbying efforts, agricultural professionals benefit from federal programs that help manage risk in an unpredictable business. AFB representatives work tirelessly with congressional advocates to pass legislation and to ensure that the voices of farmers and ranchers resonate on Capitol Hill. Similarly, Colorado Farm Bureau Federation lobbies for farmers at the state level.

What Does Colorado Farm Bureau Federation Do?

Each new generation of Colorado farmers and ranchers helps shape Colorado Farm Bureau’s priorities and strategies going forward. The federation hosts international trade partners to help develop markets for Colorado products and collects statewide ag data. They also provide current news on farm bills and other legislation that directly impacts Colorado agriculture. Colorado Farm Bureau Federation fights against policies that would endanger the livelihood of Colorado farmers and ranchers, such as the Grey Wolf Ballot Initiative.

Meanwhile, the Colorado Farm Bureau Foundation has given hundreds of thousands in aid to victims of natural disasters, such as blizzards, fires and floods.

But Colorado Farm Bureau Federation does more than advocate for farmers and ranchers. It also advocates for its members. We negotiate discounts on everything from hotels and car rentals to Lasik eye surgery and medical screenings.

This fantastic organization has been fighting for Colorado agriculture for a century. With your support, we’ll keep getting stronger and smarter over the next 100 years.

Happy anniversary Colorado Farm Bureau Federation!