The Best Winter Travel Guide from Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance

Planning holiday travel through Colorado and beyond? Winter driving in Colorado can be dangerous. You have an increased likelihood of a collision when it’s snowing or the roads are icy. You may also get stuck in your car for hours during an unexpected storm.

Prepare Your Car For Winter Driving

Make sure your car is fully covered before driving on wintery highways and interstates. If you’ve been driving with only liability insurance all summer, you may want to beef up your auto coverage. Increase your chances of arriving at your destination safely by preparing your car for winter conditions.

Get an all around tune-up if you need it. You especially want your brakes and steering mechanisms to be in tip-top shape, before taking your vehicle on icy roads.

Check your tires

Tires without good tread aren’t able to grip an icy road. Sometimes all-season tires will work, but depending on your vehicle and which part of the state you’re in, you may need snow tires. You may legally be required to have four-wheel-drive, snow chains, or snow tires to tackle some roadway conditions. You could be fined up to $650 for breaking the Passenger Vehicle Chain Law.

Air pressure in your tires also drops in cold weather. Before starting off on a road trip, make sure your tires are inflated to the proper degree.

Charge up your battery

Sometimes winter weather drains your battery. If the temperature has consistently dipped below freezing, check your battery before heading on a long trip. Always keep jumper cables in your car.

Check your fluids

Make sure you’re using properly temperature-rated oil, coolant and antifreeze, as well as no-freeze windshield wiper fluid.

The little things that add up

If snow has accumulated on your car, brush it off before driving. You don’t want it to fly back to the windshield of the vehicle behind you and restrict visibility.

Make sure you have a car phone charger, in case your phone battery dies and you need to call for help.

Make sure you have plenty of water and nonperishable food before setting off on a long road trip.

Keep an emergency kit in your car all winter. This kit should have a flashlight, road flares, first aid supplies, warm clothes, extra gloves, blankets, an ice-scraper, high-energy snacks, and a bag of sand or kitty litter for traction.

Drive slowly and carefully on icy roads. This great Denver Channel 7 article recommends that you drive as if you have a hot cup of coffee in your lap.

Save On Winter Travel with Farm Bureau Member Discounts

Colorado Farm Bureau membership isn’t just for farmers – it’s for anyone who values protecting Colorado’s food supply, and it comes with many non-farm related benefits.

Hotel Discounts

Colorado Farm Bureau members save 20 percent at over 13,000 hotels worldwide.

Search for a participating Choice or Wyndham hotel near your destination and have your discount code handy. But remember to call ahead or book online. At the Choice hotels, walk-in guests are unable to receive this discount at the front desk.

Farm Bureau members save five percent at over 130 different Drury Hotels in 20 states.

If you’re headed to our nation’s capital over the holidays (or any other time!), Farm Bureau members receive a discount at the Holiday Inn Capital. The great downtown hotel is within walking distance of the National Mall.

Car Rental Discounts

Not into prepping your car for that long winter drive? Would you prefer to have someone else handle the responsibility of ensuring that your road trip vehicle is winter-ready? Farm Bureau members save money at the biggest car rental chains the the U.S.

At Alamo, you’re eligible for unlimited mileage and discounts. Book with an agent and use your Colorado Farm Bureau discount code.

Members save 20 percent on car rentals from Budget Car Rental. If you need to rent a truck for moving, hauling or any other reason, members save 15 percent from Budget Truck Rental.

At Avis, Farm Bureau members save over 20 percent on all vehicle rentals.

New Vehicle Discounts

Maybe you’re in the market for a new car? If you’d really like to make winter journey in style, visit your local Lincoln and Ford dealerships. Colorado Farm Bureau members get $500 cash back on selected model Fords and $750 cash back on selected model Lincolns.

Airport Parking Discounts

Park in the USAirport Lot near Denver International and receive 20 percent off of parking. But make sure to make parking reservations prior to your travel date!

Have questions about Colorado Farm Bureau Auto Insurance or Colorado Farm Bureau Member Benefits? Our agents would be happy to answer your questions. Please get in touch today.