Creative Colorado Businesses Need Commercial Insurance

How Colorado Fosters Creative Businesses & What Insurance Policies You May Need to Protect Yours

Colorado is a creative state that breeds creative jobs. The Colorado entrepreneurs who create those jobs need to protect their business with commercial insurance.

Business can be as unpredictable as Colorado weather, with many factors at play, and “unpredictable” is the reason insurance exists.

How Colorado Fosters Creative Business

First, let’s talk about the Centennial State.

Most people know that we have the Rocky Mountains and the US Air Force Academy, but did you know that we have the largest preserved dinosaur tracks in the world and a human body that has been cryogenically frozen for decades?

We have the highest paved road, the highest suspension bridge, and the deepest geothermal spring in the world. The first Teddy Bear, the first root-beer float, and the first cheeseburger were all created in Colorado. We have a do-it-yourself castle and some pristinely preserved ruins. Visitors can stay at the hotel that inspired The Shining.

With much a fascinating backstory, Colorado breeds plenty of tour guides, outdoor gear manufacturers, hydrologists (we have some serious dams), culinary trailblazers, craft brewers, and ranchers. Additionally, the Denver area has become known as “Silicon Mountain,” a quickly growing center for software and other high-tech innovation.

Creative Colorado-Based Businesses

Customize It

Want customized skis, built precisely to your measurements, topographical preferences, and skill level? Wagner Skis in Telluride has you (or at least your feet!) covered.

Prefer customized boots? Denver’s Ghost Rider Cowboy Boots has been creating custom boots for decades. You choose the leather, you choose the style, you choose the design, they make them!

Want an all-terrain luxury vehicle for glamorous off-road adventures? Dacono-based Earthroamer has super tough, super fancy offerings, but they’ll cost you. (Low-end options start at $400,000!)

Teach People to Ski—Without Snow!

Progresh is a Thornton-based indoor gym that offers many classes, including skiing and snowboarding. It’s catered towards kids. Offerings include skateboarding, slacklining, skating, and tumbling. They also host parties.

Talking Techie

The Boulder-based Huck Adventures created an app that helps you find friends to join you on outdoor adventures based on interests and skill level. Another Boulder company, Tapinfluence matches celebrity and social influencers with products that need to be marketed. Read more about Colorado tech start-ups.

Outstanding Outdoor Gear

Colorado is the home base for a number of companies that make fantastic outdoor gear and clothes, but two of our favorites are Big Agnes and Melanzana. Big Agnes has become the go-to for lightweight backpacking tents. It’s a name that’s highly recognizable among backpackers everywhere. Meanwhile, Melanzana’s cozy, lightweight apparel has become so popular, they sometimes limit sales-per-customer.

Every Business Owner Needs Business Insurance

Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance provides business insurance to many types of entrepreneurs and business owners. Some of our clients run agricultural businesses, and some run other types of businesses.

Commercial Property Insurance

Nearly every brick and mortar business needs a Commercial Property policy to protect its structures, furniture, equipment, and inventory. This type of insurance will help you repair or replace expensive equipment that is damaged in a covered type of loss. It will definitely come into play if your place of business is affected by a fire or other natural disaster. It may even cover the costs of electronic data retrieval and restoration, should your servers be physically damaged or hacked.

If your property moves around (equipment that you carry from job to job, equipment held on a mobile vehicle, construction equipment, etc.), you may need Commercial Inland Marine Coverage.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Commercial Liability Coverage helps you hedge against claims of personal injury and property damage you are found legally liable for related to your product or service. This type of coverage can pay medical and legal bills, if necessary, and it may also help you fight legal battles related to claims of libel or false advertising.

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you drive for work—as a local trucker, a food-truck operator, a landscape architect who hauls lawn equipment, a contractor who uses a work truck—you’ll definitely need Commercial Auto Coverage.

Commercial Business Owner Insurance

If you own a small- to medium-sized business, you may qualify for our bundled Business Owner’s Policy. This policy covers business property up to a certain limit, unexpected expenses, unexpected business interruptions, data retrieval, debris removal, and a number of other events that could affect your day-to-day business operations.

Get Insurance Coverage for Your Creative Business

Wondering which policy is best for you and your business? Talk to one of our local agents today. They would be happy to listen to your primary business concerns and offer expert insight.