How to Buy a Used Camper

Tips to Consider When Choosing and Purchasing an RV 

Buying an RV and heading out for adventure has become the vacation go-to for a growing number of Americans of all ages, from millennials to retirees—and in a state with the natural beauty of Colorado, it can be a particularly good move for exploring our mountains, lakes, and attractions. 

RVs can be the perfect solution for couples and families who love exploring the outdoors and prefer more flexibility in their travels. And, accounting for the cost of airline tickets, hotel stays, meals and other expenses, you can save money in the long run! 

RV owners can enjoy more privacy and comfort, and with the proliferation of campgrounds near popular tourist attractions around the country, travel plans can be as laid back as you’d like. (Another bonus: you can bring your pets along for the ride!)

New Vs. Used Recreational Vehicles

Many travelers, especially those new to the RV life, are opting to purchase a used model to keep costs down. Buying a used RV from its original owner means they have already taken the hit for depreciation. In addition, they’ve likely added a few upgrades that you will find appealing. 

Still, there are some important steps you need to take before you begin your search for the RV that we at Farm Bureau Insurance hope will create many happy vacation memories! 

Before You Shop for an RV 

The biggest job you’ll have in making a smart purchase for a used RV is educating yourself with as much background information as possible before you start looking. 

  • First, learn what’s what in the world of RV options. Do you want a class C motorhome? A travel trailer? Or how about a fifth wheel? Check out Curbed’s “Definitive Guide to Every Type of Camper.” The guide provides the lingo of RVs so you can decide what meets your needs—and your budget. 
  • Most used vehicles will have a few hiccups (read up on those common to RVs before you start shopping)—but some models are just plain lemons, and the worst RV flaw you can encounter is water damage. Whether you are considering a purchase from a dealer or the current owner, find out how to make a thorough inspection of any used RV.

Pricing & Financing an RV

  • If you are shopping for a used RV from a dealer and are ready to begin negotiating the price, make sure you are well informed about the market and take advantage of these suggestions. More practical tips for eager buyers offer down-to-earth suggestions to consider before you sign on the dotted line. 
  • Another tool you should have in your back pocket when you engage in price deliberations is the comparative power of the NADA RV price guides, also known as the “Kelly Blue Book” of used vehicle valuations in the RV world. 
  • will help familiarize you with model valuations for RVS. 
  • Did you know that Farm Bureau Bank offers competitive financing on new and used campers for members of the Colorado Farm Bureau Federation? Visit Farm Bureau Bank to see more on APR, terms, and payment plans.

Insure Your Recreational Vehicle with Farm Bureau Insurance

Once you’ve decided on your used camper, consider insuring with Farm Bureau Insurance. We offer affordable, quality insurance policies for all types of recreational vehicles. To get started, contact an agent near you.