Five Tips for Buying an Electric Motorcycle

Developments in the E-Bike Space

The road ahead is looking good for electric motorcycles. They’re still largely a somewhat new concept despite the beginning of their mass production more than a decade ago. With high-tech safety features, more appealing design options and a refreshing crack at clean, efficient driving, their popularity is growing around the country. Enticements wooing consumers into the market in recent years include generous federal and state incentives, longer ranges, more (and much improved) charging stations, and greater affordability. 

Tips for Considering an EV Motorcycle

If you’ve turned your head a time or two when you’ve noticed one on the road, and if you are even thinking about considering an EV motorcycle, do your research and keep these tips in mind:

  1. Decide what you will use your motorcycle for, and choose the best one for your needs, whether it’s commuting to work, touring, adventure riding, etc. 
  2. What range (the total distance your motorcycle can do on one charge) do you need? To make a good estimation, you should consider your daily mileage, weather, road conditions (city, rural or highway), and access to charging stations. Do your homework! 
  3. How high-tech do you want to get? Advanced technology and connectivity now means more safety features (like radar, cameras, and sensors to track speed, direction and velocity of moving objects around your bike while driving). Connectivity means features like customized apps for your bike, GPS, and other downloadable features. Check out all the options before you buy. 
  4. What is the battery life of an EV motorcycle? Batteries have improved immensely in recent years and no longer require winterizing or removing in cold weather, and you can save time and money on maintenance. A good battery should last the life of your bike. 
  5. Be sure to choose a bike that has the correct dimensions. 

Practical, Affordable EV Motorcycle Options

If you’d like to start with a practical, affordable EV motorbike, a few options to consider include:

For an interesting ranking of the best electric motorcycles of 2021, check out this evaluation by Luxe Digital. (A great chance to daydream!)

Another “can’t miss” resource is this feature that shares its list of the “10 Coolest Electric Motorcycles” for 2021. The article will provide a sense of the newest EV motorcycle styles. 

Expect to see many more EV motorcycles on the road. Take your time to assess the many new models (and their mega options) in the market today. 

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