Most Popular and Searched Vehicles in Colorado for 2021

Cars in the Hearts, Minds, and Browser Histories of Coloradans

Colorado’s drivers have always favored vehicles that are as intrepid off-road as on the highway and can handle large load capacities—hence the long love affair with SUVs, pickup trucks, and crossovers. 

The list below and statistics from Google includes the most popular and searched-for vehicles in Colorado. If you don’t own one of these models, there’s no doubt you have friends who do, or you can’t help but spot them frequently on the highway or down the street. 

Colorado’s Most Popular and Searched Vehicles

1. Ford F-150 Trucks/ Ford Explorer

On the road since 1975, the Ford F-150 is a long-hauler with new interior materials and a solid reputation for rugged construction. The Explorer seats seven and combines family comfort with connected technology and plenty of transport room. 

2. Toyota Tacoma

Known for their durability and reliability, Toyota models have a strong presence in Colorado. The Tundra and Tacoma pickups are known for their performance, towing and hauling capacity, and safety features. 

Toyota Prius, Corolla, and Camry models continue to offer value, interior comfort and optimal gas mileage, while showing strong competition for similar makes. 

3. Subaru Outback

Subaru has long been one of Colorado’s best-selling automobiles. The Outback is known for its reliability, flexible functionality, and versatility. Outback can transition easily from every day commuting to camping or that road trip you’ve been planning. 

4. Dodge Ram

Dodge Ram trucks have become a contender of the popular Ford F-150 in Colorado. Known for its reliable engines and sturdy transmissions, the brand touts its powerful towing capacity and technology even as it has developed a reputation for its rugged performance in agricultural work. 

5. Jeep Cherokee

Sturdy, reliable Jeep models are big contenders for Colorado’s used car market. The Jeep Cherokees, Grand Cherokees, and Patriots are in high demand, along with the company’s all-time favorite, the Jeep Wrangler. 

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