How to Buy High Quality Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is the perfect solution for college students, apartment dwellers, and anyone who is leasing a home and needs coverage to protect valuables such as furniture, electronics, kitchen supplies, clothing, and appliances. Not to mention damage to the building itself due to fire, storms, falling objects, riots, vandalism, or other causes. 

If you rent your home and are a policyholder with Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance, you can be assured our agents will be there to support you if you are ever facing a distressing circumstance that requires making a claim. We have our own adjusters, and can guide you through the steps it will take to put things back together. 

About AI-First Renters Insurance Companies

With the relatively new addition of “AI-first” (Artificial Intelligence) insurance companies on the market, consumers can expect to “work with” an app that will use a machine to make a digital “visit” to your dwelling, pass over your personal possessions, and size up the damage without any in-person visit to your home. 

These devices are trained to “analyze imagery” and identify patterns that will capture different types of information (or data points) not only about your property damage, but about you, as well – and this is where AI has earned some accusations of bias and discrimination among consumers. It turns out that AI has been shown to be discriminatory toward race, gender, age and more, and this can lead to social biases, reduced employment opportunities, class labeling, and other difficulties. As your data points are adding up, the device also determines your risk assessment, which, again, could be subject to bias. 

Insure With a Trusted Insurance Agent

If you prefer speaking with a live person on the phone or in person, or would rather have your claim handled by a local adjuster, consider allowing Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance to work with you for all of your insurance needs. Our agents are your neighbors, and they pride ourselves on being active members of our communities. We promise to support our policyholders at what may be some of their most trying times. 

In fact, we will treat you like family. Our promise to you is our commitment to be there when you need us most. 

For your convenience, you may take care of many of your insurance needs or transactions online, including: 

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