Agent Pete Ditmon Sponsors Boulder County Fair Swine Grand Champion!

Shout out to Agent Pete Ditmon in Longmont for ushering “The Farm Bureau Insurance® Promise” into the Boulder County Fair! Here is the event in Pete’s own words:

“On August 5th, I was excited to hear from one of our local members, Jaelyn McClure.  Jaelyn is a Senior FFA and 4-H member, Sophomore at Colorado State University, and one of the winners of the Swine category competition at the 2022 BoCo Fair in Longmont

Jaelyn has been competing for several years and invited me to the event this year, offering tickets to the free VIP Buyers’ Luncheon that was held prior to the Market Buyers Auction on August 14th.  The Fair turned out to be a great educational opportunity for my kids, too.  They enjoyed seeing all of the livestock and 4-H displays at the fair.

There were about 58 participants this year compared to 118 in 2019. After 2 years of being inactive due to the pandemic, the BoCo Fair committee, FFA and 4-H look to build this back up by encouraging buyers and participants for future events.  I invited several of my clients to the event, as I wanted to help promote that the BoCo Fair was back. 

I’m proud to have sponsored Jaelyn and her 4 hogs; McGonagall, Fleur, Myrtle, and Hedwig (all named after characters in the Harry Potter series); at this year’s BoCo Fair. Jaelyn was also able to hang my CO Farm Bureau “Promise” banner at her hog pen during the event. Way to go Jaelyn, for helping raise awareness of Colorado Farm Bureau and Colorado Farm Bureau Insurance!”