The Truth About Cheap Homeowners Insurance

You’ve bought a new home in the next chapter of your life. Fingers crossed that your home remains safe, protected, and that none of your possessions disappear in the middle of the night (outside of sock bandits near the dryer). If anything bad does happen, you want to be protected. That’s why Farm Bureau Insurance® recommends homeowners insurance to keep damages to a minimum, so that you can move on without much fuss. Here are some truths to avoid about cheap homeowners insurance, and what to look for when choosing your policy.

Features of “Cheap” Homeowners Insurance

Additional Fees Attached

We are all doing our best to protect our homes while managing our wallet, so it is tempting to chase after the cheap, flashy option. The insurance provider will likely tell you everything you want to hear, such as, “You’ll be covered for everything and pay very little—no strings attached.”

However, when you read the fine print, you’ll find that your policy comes with additional small fees that can add up quickly. Don’t be led by the temptation of promises that disappear the moment the contract is in front of you. Your agent at Farm Bureau Insurance® will guide you to the plan that is right for you.

Lack of Personal Touch

Find someone who listens, rather than talks. When an insurance provider offers a policy at a deceptively low cost, what you gain in savings gets lost in salutations. With some companies, you find yourself:

  • Routed to an automated system
  • Being offered fringe policies that are unnecessary for your home
  • Getting the feeling that they aren’t listening to your concerns

Impersonal agents want to make a sale, but what is most important to you is finding the right coverage to protect your home and family.

Unannounced Cancellations

Some “low-cost” providers may suddenly stop your coverage or ignore your request to renew, often without reason. Maybe your policy is going to end due to changes in the company’s coverage structure, and it’s out of your control. Perhaps they’re exiting Colorado and leaving you in the dust. Suddenly, you would find yourself without insurance because the provider has, unexpectedly, stopped offering coverage in your state. You need a provider that is willing to help you focus on your safety, not their bottom line.

Opt for High Quality Homeowners Insurance

Farm Bureau Insurance® offers homeowner’s insurance policies with various coverage options, but the amount of your policy and the specifics of the coverage can be built by your dedicated agent to fit your needs.

Be sure to discuss your policy limits with your agent to determine if you may need to raise the limits for your personal property. Your home is more than just brick-and-mortar. Your personal property—furniture, artwork, heirlooms, and other possessions—is also important. Protecting everything you have at home is worth smoothing out the fuss that a cheaper company throws at you.

Discover the meaning of quality homeowners insurance by meeting with a local Farm Bureau Insurance® agent. Get started by using our Agent Finder.