Discover New Wildfire Alert Systems

Living in Colorado means living in nature. This state offers endless beauty and wonder, but that can come with some downsides—wildfires being one of the worst. Wildfires can destroy homes, businesses, and forests in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it’s so important to understand the latest alert systems that promote awareness of wildfires in Colorado.

Digital Wildfire Hazard Maps

These wildfire hazard maps show the viewer areas of risk, red flags, and existing fires.

Division of Fire Prevention & Control

Visit the State of Colorado’s map of existing fire restrictions.


The Coloradan offers an advanced and interactive map that shows up-to-the-hour information about possible fire and smoke travel throughout Colorado, as well as other states throughout the U.S. This information can be used to show you where a wildfire is going, helping you and your family avoid its path.

Colorado Forest Service: Wildfire Risk Public Viewer

This online tool “summarizes the potential fire intensity for any specific location on the map. The tool intends to inform homeowners and business owners of the impending risk for their location based on surrounding fire behavior conditions. You can search for a specific address or location and draw a point on the map to automatically retrieve this information.”

SMS Alerts

Opt-in to text message alerts from your local emergency system. These texts provide details for any local emergencies including wildfires. Messages can make all the difference in the world when time and information are critical.

Colorado DHSEM (Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management) has a detailed and comprehensive guide to each county’s local emergency services.

Protect Your Home With Farm Bureau Insurance

If you own a home in Colorado, you need to be aware of fire threats. Another way to protect your home is by adequately insuring it against loss due to fire. First, visit our Storm Resource Center for more information on preparing for fires. Then, talk to a local Farm Bureau Insurance® agent near you to learn about our high-quality homeowners insurance policies.