Last-Minute Costume Ideas

Fall is right around the corner, and with it comes cooler temperatures, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice-flavored everything. This turn of season also brings ghosts, ghouls, and goblins and one of American children’s favorite holidays: Halloween.

While the proactive among us may have had a costume in mind since last year, most are a bit too busy to give it much thought until a week or two beforehand. If you find yourself to be one of the thousands of Americans cramped for time, here’s a list of last-minute costumes that’ll scare up plenty of looks.

Barbie and Ken

The hottest movie of 2023 is also the hottest last-minute costume of 2023. Ladies can opt for a pink dress paired with high heels, while the guys can sport a crisp polo shirt with some chinos and a sweater tied around their neck.


A quick transformation into the undead is way easier than you think. All you’ll need is some old, torn clothing and some face paint. Smudge black and purple around your eyes, add red streaks to look like blood, and tousle your hair for a truly gruesome appearance. Of course, the messier, the better!

Clark Kent

This costume is already a disguise, and one that uses everyday clothing. This isn’t even a picture of Clark Kent. It’s just a man wearing glasses, and isn’t that kind of the point? Get a white shirt, a tie, and some glasses. Keep the shirt’s top two or three buttons open to reveal a Superman logo underneath. Now, you aren’t just mild-mannered reporter, Clark Kent, but the Man of Steel hiding in plain sight.


It’s time to channel your inner sorceress with a simple black dress and the classic pointed hat. Keep accessories light with a broom or a wand. Paint your nails black, and perhaps consider using a dark lipstick. If you want an added effect, use green face paint to achieve that classic wicked witch look.

Carmy Berzatto from “The Bear”

Hulu’s hit show “The Bear” follows Carmy Berzatto as he takes over his family’s sandwich shop, and his look is pretty easy to pull off. You’ll need a dark blue apron, a white T-shirt, and black jeans, and that’s that. For some added pop of authenticity, you can add Carmy’s tattoos.


Simply dress in your darkest and most elegant clothing and use a bit of white face paint to give yourself a more vampiric pallor. Red lipstick can simulate blood, and you know the plastic fangs are a must. To complete the look, use a cape or even just a dark scarf.

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Agent Vanessa McKee at the Fruita “Truck N Treat”

Agent Vanessa McKee is doing an awesome job in the community!!!

Vanessa & her crew had a great day with the Mesa County community at Fruita’s Truck N Treat event. They got to spend time with over 2,500 kids, join with 35 local businesses and give out A LOT of candy! It was an amazing turn out!

Keep it up the great work Vanessa!!!